What I Learned from Trump’s Victory


Let me say this right upfront–I did not vote for Trump. I just couldn’t. Not that I disagree with his goal of getting people back to work and strengthening the country’s position in the world–but because of the hate that seems to surround his vision and my personal concern for woman’s rights.

But this isn’t a column about politics; it’s about examining how Trump won.

Donald Trump was unflappable in his belief in himself and his mission to “Make America Great Again.” He never faltered, even when media blasted him, people spoke out against him, and when media polls showed him losing the race. He never showed signs of fear and indecision.

He made a plan and worked his plan….because he believed he knew his audience. Trump manifested what he believed he would become…President of the United States of America.

We hear a lot about manifesting one’s destiny. We saw it in action in this election and will continue to see it in Trump’s actions. In fact, the original term “Manifest Destiny,” dates back to the 19th-century doctrine or belief that the expansion of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable. Seems fitting to recycle it under the Trump White House.

This isn’t new for him. His books, “The Art of the Deal” and “Think Like A Champion,” both talk about having the right mindset for the job and that “winners see problems as just another way to prove themselves.” [personal note: Yes, I have read and own both of these books]

How many of us in business, when faced with negativity, can hold onto our belief in ourselves, stay the course, and work the plan.

I know I have struggled with confidence. I visualized my goal and then I cut the legs out from under myself by doubting my ability to manifest the results. But I am done with that self-defeating belief system.

If nothing else, this election taught me that you have to continuously reinforce the message internally and externally that “I am worthy. I believe in myself. I can and will manifest my goals and dreams.”

If you believe, others will feel empowered to believe in you, too!


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