Ride the rail to the finish line…become a business jockey!

Can You See the Finish Line?

Last weekend, on a sloppy, muddy course, I watched an unknown horse, an unknown trainer, and a savvy jockey win the biggest contest in the horse racing industry–the Kentucky Derby. Mine That Bird (the horse) was the underdog going at 50-1 odds.
Do you sometimes feel that you are operating at similar odds? That the course is muddy and you can’t get a solid grip? That your vision is so blurred that the finish line is no longer in view?
How did they do it? First, the trainer, Chip Wooley, had a true sense of belief and trust in the horse. He had an unbridled passion for the sport. And he had something to prove–he was the long shot.
The horse, well, he was a supreme animal with a winning lineage. But it was the jockey that won the race by adjusting his course, clearing his vision and he “riding the rail to the finish line.”
The jockey, (Calvin Borel), despite the odds, believed in himself. He was committed to working towards the goal by using his proven skills and talents. He never gave up. And he never lost sight of the finish line.
Together–trainer, horse and jockey, they formed the perfect alliance built on trust, passion and the ability to keep a clear eye on the finish line.
Who are you building alliances with to reach your goals? It’s obvious the trainer could not achieve his goal without the horse and the jockey. Do you know who your business needs as key alliances? Are you working to create these relationships?

originally published in June’09

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