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How Milton changed my life-

The first time I met Milton Byron was when I invited him for a business lunch at the Coastline Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ. He owned a sports collectible business specializing in game-worn hockey jerseys. We were there to discuss the idea of a hockey expo on a cruise ship. At the time I owned a CruiseOne travel agency and my office was adjacent to the restaurant. Kinda cool…I used to tell people that my office overlooked a coastline…

Fast forward two months…Milt, who lives in Egg Harbor Township, NJ and I have been seeing each other exclusively…but no hockey cruise is planned…lol. One night when he is at my apartment he tells me that before we met, he would drive past Coastline Tile in Egg Harbor Township and it would make him crazy. And now he knew why…it was me. His psychic mind knew something special was attached to the word coastline.

Then he tells me that when we were sitting at lunch that first day he had a vision of the two of us, old and gray, holding hands on a dock. He knew we were meant to be together forever.

Sounds nice, but I wasn’t buying it. So he used the trump card…he started telling me about some pictures in a desk in my home office.  No way he’d ever even known they were there. He describes a house. Not just any house, but the most important house from my was my Uncle Aaron’s in Imlaystown, NJ. He mentions the green and white awning, the gasoline pump…and other things about the house that weren’t even in the picture. I started crying…I knew my mom was coming through him to tell me to accept him…not just as a psychic, but as my life partner.

Since then I’ve spoken to mom many times as well as many other relatives. And I’ve watched and listened as he’s shared the same magical experience with our friends. He even connected with my grandfather who lost both legs to diabetes…so he could stress to Milt’s son, Cole, how serious Diabetes can be if not properly monitored. Friends have sought his insights for boyfriend issues, family troubles, to health concerns and future births. He’s also found items thought lost.

On a serious side, he has consulted with the local police on a murder and now realizes one of the tools he used when he was a police detective in Somers Point, was his psychic intuition about suspects, about events that would occur and solving the crimes.

He is a psychic medium, a clairvoyant and an energy reader.

And now he’s going public!

If you would like to book a reading with Milt let me know. He prefers in person, but can do phone or online readings, too.

$65–45 minute session

$140–90 minute session (includes a complimentary 20 minute follow up in 7-10 days)

Book a party (6-8  20 minute readings) and get your reading free!

e-mail me at or call me at 609 238-0077

Just another kind of empowering connection… Marilyn

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