Is Your Business Suffering from the Groundhog Day Syndrome?

I bet you know what I mean…the feeling that everything you are doing, you’ve done before. Bill Murray said (perhaps screamed) it best in the movie Groundhog Day, “It’s always February 2nd and there is nothing I can do about it!”
     When I get that feeling, I generally go into escape mode–as my former employers and boyfriends can attest.        
     So what can you do in your business to get past “February 2nd”?
—Shake up your routine–rearrange your daily activities
—Expand your business products or services
—Hire an assistant to help with the “day to day” stuff
—Take clients to a new venue for a meeting (it is so easy to go where “everybody knows your name”, but sharing a new experience can actually build a relationship
—Ask for more or different responsibilities

—Stop and smell the roses…okay that sounds hokey, but gratitude can influence your attitude. 
Well, since it is February, let me say, “Happy Groundhog Day…may it only happen once a year!
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