Guardian Angels

I remember the first time I thanked a Guardian Angel. I was driving home from work at the Oxford Valley Mall. I was close to home…on the Roosevelt Blvd. in Northeast Philadelphia and getting ready to cross over from the center lanes into the right lanes. After looking for oncoming traffic, I pulled out to merge into the lane, and out of nowhere a car came screaming at me and just missed me.

That’s when I looked up to the sky and said, thank you Dad. My dad had passed away recently and I just knew he was there with me. That was 1987 and since then, my mom also passed away.  I believe they are both watching over me–because that’s what parents do.

However, I never really “believed” in the spiritual world in a larger sense, never heard of Spiritual Guides, and never experienced a reading.

And then I met Milton Byron, who I now call Magical Mystical Milton…and very soon, my husband.

We’d only been going out a short time—he still knew nothing of my family or special places in my life.  I was living in a condo in Cherry Hill and he came over to visit. I was working on my computer in my office (aka, extra bedroom) when he started to describe a white house with green awning. Granted, that could be many buildings, but when he described the gas pump in the driveway, I nearly fell out of my chair.

I knew exactly what he was talking about–my Uncle Aaron’s house in Imlaystown, NJ (blink and you’ve passed it as you drive through the area).

I loved my Uncle Aaron and Aunt Selma… and I loved their house. We spent many holidays there and when my mom had back surgery when I was seven years old, I stayed with them for a while.

That was a magical house for me….my dream home. And here was Milt describing it to me. And then he starting giving me messages from my mom. I couldn’t stop crying.

This changed my world and it opened up a window to new experiences. All of a sudden I started meeting others like him–each sharing a piece of me through messages from the beyond.

One of those people is a beautiful spirit in her own right, Colleen DiGiacomo, known as Colleen St. Michaels to the public. Because Milt is too close to me to work on any personal issues, I turn to Colleen for insight, for guidance, and for a sense of being.

It is truly my pleasure to invite you to experience her spirituality at the next Empowering Connections Speaker Series event on February 17th at Ron Jaworski’s Valleybrook Country Club. For more information and to register for “An Empowering Evening with Colleen St. Michaels,” click here.

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