Getting Healthy…Again

So I really wanted to title this, “Why are all the Bachelorettes Skinny Bitches?,” but I thought that might not bode well with spam filters!

Yes, I admit that I watch this Reality TV show. But don’t let that define me…I just can’t help myself…it is so NOT reality.

Not everyone carries extra weight. Some work really hard to keep it off.  I admire them. But if you are like me, weight is not your friend. This is a true story: I was at a family wedding back in September. I was all dressed up, and while I knew I had put on more pounds on than I’d like to admit, I still thought I was looking hot…lol

Well, the photographer, also a family member, sent me a picture of myself saying, “I’ve never seen you so big. This is not healthy. Please lose weight.” Now you may think what I originally thought…WTF?” Until I looked at the picture and saw what she saw.

That was my REALITY. So I joined the gym…again, started counting carbs…again, and started losing weight…again. I’ve been on this road before and I always promise myself I’ll stay on track.

But when I lose my way, it is good to know that I have people who care about me, resources I can reach out to, and places I can go, to get back on track.

kathleen baumgardnerOne of those friends is Dr. Kathleen Baumgardner, CEO of Health Goals Chiropractic and Life Enhancement Center. And now she can be a resource for you and her practice a place for you to enhance and empower your life!

Join me at the launch of Empowering Connections Speaker Series, New Year….Are You Ready for a NEW YOU? featuring Dr. Baumgardner on January 20th, 6:30-8:30pm at Journey Cafe in Audobon, NJ.

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