“Big Girl Panties”

When I read the title of Stephanie Evanovich’s first book, I thought..”now there’s title I can relate to”–considering my pant size was in the double digits. What I didn’t expect was the journey I took to empowerment while reading her book.

Even though my wedding was less than a year away and my asthma was acting up, I was still eating junk food and packing on the pounds. I had forsaken the gym for the television set, downloading books on my Kindle so I could  lay around reading, and eating late night snacks. I had also stopped networking. Boy, was I unhappy with myself.

Downloading books on my Kindle wasn’t bad thing. In fact, that is how I found Stephanie Evanovich. Her book popped up as a suggested book that I might like based on past purchases. I read the preview, purchased the book and then sought her out on Facebook and sent her a message introducing myself.

And she wrote back!! I was so excited that I invited her to be a speaker for my Empowering Connections Speaker Series…this was in August of 2014 and I wasn’t even sure if I was actually going to launch it.

She said, “Jersey girls need to support each other and I’d love to speak.” Next she set me up with her publisher, Harper Collins.  I was in too deep now to turn back…and so Empowering Connections Speaker Series was born.

As I read the book, I found I really did relate to Holly, her main character. By 1 am that night I finished the book. And I sent her this FB message: Well, it’s a little after 1am…I just finished your first book! I couldn’t stop reading until it was over. First, I want to thank you for voicing so many of my own fears and insecurities…not all of them, but at least the ones concerning my weight. So many of her private thoughts echoed in my head. And second, and why I am absolutely sure I want you to be my first speaker, is because your words empowered me. I am seen by my friends as a strong woman, and most would say they couldn’t care less (other than healthwise) what I weigh or what size I wear. But for the past year, my mirror has mocked me. I just started to work with a spiritual therapist to get passed it. Holly’s training with Logan gave me desire to push myself, too.

A good fiction book is like that–you start with the goal of being entertained and you learn about yourself along the way. Turns out, the story is much the same for authors. Most don’t start out being book authors. It is the proverbial fork in the road that leads them down that path.

That is definitely true in Stephanie’s case and I am thrilled to invite you to An Evening with Stephanie Evanovich (yes, Janet is her aunt) on March 31st at the Atlantic City Country Club from 6:30-8:30pm. She will share her journey from actor to parent to author and all the challenges and successes in between. By the way, Stephanie followed up Big Girl Panties with her second novel, The Sweet Spot, which will be on sale in paperback at the event.

And of course, by the time I finished the book, the phrase “Big Girl Panties,” no longer refereed to size, but maturity and confidence. I was no longer afraid to put them on, instead I ready to step into them!

To learn more about the event on March 31st with Stephanie Evanovich, and to register, click this link: REGISTER HERE

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